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~ Introduction ~

Welcome to the My Main Will Pwn U guild website!

Whether you're interested in leveling, raids, heroics, battlegrounds or arena, on this website you'll find tips to help you improve your performance and have more fun.

Guild News

~ Recruitment ~

Congratulations! We hit the 1,000 member guild cap. This means we'll be periodically removing some long-term inactive members to make room for new members. If you want all your alts in the guild but aren't actively playing them, remember to log on once every few months so we know you're still with us.

~ Raids ~

These are run most Wednesday and Sunday evenings from 7:30pm to 10pm. We're currently starting DS and have run FL, BwD, BoT, Tot4W and BH in the past. These are often run by Sfynxx or Windwater.

There are guides to the trash and bosses in the Raiding section of this website.

Rated battlegrounds ~
These are run by Superjock when we have enough interested players online. If you're interested in joining us, try and meet the requirements for a promotion to Core PvP rank (working mic, full honor set, gems and enchants).

Send an in game mail to Superjock if you've met the requirements and need a rank promotion, or if you need some help meeting the requirements (e.g. you can't afford gems or enchants).

Feel free to organise a group yourself - see the tips in the Rated Battlegrounds section of this site.

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